5th to 10th APRIL 2023

Houston, we have a problem – This Wild Horse is returning to kick off our 200 mile series in 2023.

Description of the Wild Horse 200 South Wales route:

You have 120 hours (5 days) to complete a 200 mile trail run across South Wales. The route has 30,187 feet of climbing. One memorable and monstrous run across the trails and mountains of South Wales, along Offa’s Dyke, traversing the Beacons Way before catching the Heart Of Wales Line on to the Wales Coast Path and finish line at Worm’s Head.

The race is well supported with aid stations serving real food, sleep stations, skilled medical team, live tracking of runners, and classic finisher buckles as well as other glorious swag to take home.

Cut off times, checkpoints and drop bags:

This is a non stop race, which means we will be bucking things up with a strict 120 hours to complete the race. Once the clock starts it does not stop until you reach the finish line. There will be 3 optional sleep stations along the course and all runners must make the 100 mile marker before the clock hits 55 hours. Otherwise it is game over.

Checkpoints will be approximately every 25 miles and we do allow (encourage) runners to have their own crew – although it is possible to run un-crewed (screwed) and we will take care of you.

Of course the checkpoints will include all the goodies you’d expect from a long ass race – warm food, warm drinks, cold food, cold drinks, medical attention, a moral boosting hug and the odd beer if that get’s you moving forward again. Got a dietary requirement? No problem, just let us know!

Drop bags are extremely important for this event and the system will allow each runner to access their drop bag roughly every 25 miles. Meaning runners must pick and choose wisely as to what they will need for the next 25 miles.

Keep an eye out for our Wild Horse Stallion’s – they will be your guiding light as you approach each and every checkpoint. It’s always nice to have a little company – just ask them for whatever you need (don’t be a diva).

Can people watch you in real time?

Hell yeah! Each runner will receive a tracker at the start of the race and all your friends, family and complete strangers can watch live online. Dot watching at it’s finest!

What race bling do you get?

The coveted South Wales 200 Belt Buckle (for finishers only)

Wild Horse 200 Cotton T-shirt

South Wales 200 Map Print from Waymarked Art

Entry fee

The cost to enter the South Wales 200 is £399.00. You can pay this upfront via Si Entries or if you’d like to pay the entry fee in instalments then we will work with you to make this possible. Please see example below; 

Example Option  – 3 monthly payments. Month 1 – £139.00. Month 2 – £130.00. Month 3 – £130.00. Please note Month 1 is a deposit payment and non refundable if a runner pull’s out before the event.

We are a reasonable bunch and will always work with a runner to open the door to our 200 mile events.

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